Maria Kulikova recalls with horror the repair in three years

Мария Куликова с ужасом вспоминает ремонт длиною в три года
Famous actress Maria Kulikova recently shared the happy news, saying the long-awaited completion of the repairs.

Мария Куликова с ужасом вспоминает ремонт длиною в три года

Repair actress did for three years and the resettlement housing is left not only much time but also a lot of effort and money. Maria said that she recalls with horror the three years when renovations were going on.

“Three years ago I started a repair in the house alone. In this adventure I dragged his neighbor, an innocent man Sasha with a charming name performed same functions!He shared with me the horrors of repairs “from scratch” in the literal sense of the word. A concrete box, without a single hint that it can be turned into the living room.

Not going to tell you about all the difficulties global repair, everyone at least once faced with this catastrophe. I went the classic way, like most “repairmen” counted on one amount, and that notorious estimates, successfully grew with each passing day. Basic things I tried not to save. Built-in furniture, stairs, floors, walls, etc.” – said the actress.

Recently, Kulikov was given to understand that in her personal life change is coming. She’s about a month ago I shared a photo from the holiday in the company of an unknown man.

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