Maria Kulikova found happiness with a new lover

Мария Куликова обрела счастье с новым избранником The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” said colleague Maxim Averin about his personal life. Maria Kulikova gave to understand that she has a beloved man, but the details of the novel prefer not to share. Previously fans of the actress suspected that she went with her lover to Greece.
Мария Куликова обрела счастье с новым избранником

The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” Maxim Averin interviewed colleagues Maria Kulikova. The actress has remembered student’s years, shared his attitude to the victims for the profession, but also his own beloved son Ivan, who was born in August 2011. The child’s father was Denis Matrosov. Despite the fact that the actors decided to part, they retained a good relationship. Denis has not forgotten about Ivan, and often seen with him.

According to Mary, children are sensitive to what is happening in the family. If the mother feels unhappy that her emotions are transmitted to the child.

“I’m not a fanatic. Love should be between a man and a woman, and then the child will be fine. Even if dad already lives his life, and the mother of his. If your mother is lonely, unhappy, it becomes a pathology. But now I just say what I think about my life, specifically Masha Kulikova,” said the actress.

Maxim Averin has noticed that Maria has a lot of fans. “Judging by the way you live and your son grow up, how you are perceived in the team, love you all,” he said. The actor added that no one desires to call Kulikov a single mother. Answering the question Maxim, Maria made it clear that she’s happy in a new relationship.

“Well, according to the documents. You know I’m not alone”, – said Kulikov.

In early September, in Instagram Mary appeared in photos taken on holiday in Greece. The actress has intrigued fans of romantic frames. One of them, as suggested by social media users, Kulikova are sealed together with a mysterious man. Fans noticed that Mary looks relaxed and happy. They wished the actress and her companion all the best. She Kulikov chose not to clarify the speculation of the public.

The ex-wife of Denis Matrosov making out with new lover in Greece

Plans Kulikova – the New year in a circle of close people. The actress is going to arrange a home party. Last year friends Mary’s got a lot of unforgettable emotions. “It was a fairy, despite the fact that Vanek was hurt,” says the star of the series “Sklifosovsky”. When clock struck 12 o’clock, the son of actress ran to the table, but slipped and hurt himself. Guests Kulikova stood looking at the baby. “And they say the same as meet, so spend it. But I decided for myself: no, it is only an episode,” said the woman to the publication of “Antenna-Telesem”.