Maria Kulikova fell in love with a swindler

Мария Куликова влюбилась в афериста
The fateful meeting happened right before the wedding.

Maria Kulikova with Roman Polyansky in the series “From hate to love»


The fateful meeting happened before the wedding, Maria Kulikova, and the opponent was a friend… The plot of the series “From hate to love” on the channel “Home”, where Kulikova major role, as it turned out, took place in the life of Mary, and wiped her friendship with classmate Natalie Red. Ironically, years later both Actresses met in the series as friends-rivals. “That long history when the guy talked to me and then chose Mary, us, — said Natalia. We became friends again and even introduced the son of Masha Vanya and my daughter Kate”.

Real, not cinematic personal life Maria Kulikova carefully
preserves. And although the actress never told ”
open” about a new relationship, many fans assumed that Maria already
long ago regained happiness. After all, Maria is a very attractive woman and
is always in the center of attention. Now the rumors about the new novel
finally got my confirmation.

In a candid interview with the magazine “Karavan
Stories” the actress spoke about her new love and plans for the future.

“I’m not alone and not
the first year acquainted with this man, — said Kulikov. — As-that so left,
she lived by the principle “work — home, home — work”. Now I want to get out
together, we are delighted to do. There are two days of free — fall.
I think I finally learned to taste the pleasure of life. And, of course,
this is the great merit of the person who is next.”