Мария Куликова испытывает вину перед собственным ребенком The actress shared that giving to the son is not enough time for as many runs. Mary sometimes ashamed of it. Kulikov told about the personal and education Ivan.
Мария Куликова испытывает вину перед собственным ребенком

Next Monday on channel Dомашний kicks off the series “From hate to love.” One of the main roles in the film played by Maria Kulikova. Her character Natalie, a businesswoman, which is his job, a teenage daughter and a loving fiance – a childhood friend. It seems that it all is going perfectly, but before the wedding, the woman understands that and has not experienced true happiness.

She Kulikov admits that with age has become another way to look at life. The project gave her the opportunity to perform the behavior of women. “I love that finally brought the woman forward and testified that she could not live with her family, husband and children, but also to make recklessness. I think that opposing feelings can not. They can be somewhere deep inside to bury, but it will become a tremendous torture,” said Maria.

The star takes the position that people have right to disagree: without the scandals and resentment at each other. Kulikov believes that a radical change in her life occurred after the birth of Ivan.

“When I had my son, I realized that love can be different. And that all important balance. I realized how interconnected the love of man and to the child. If you have the right attitude, everything folds in just the right puzzle. You don’t become a hostage of a situation, for example the one where you’re the mother and everything. Children should not stand on a pedestal, they are very important, but a part of your life. Do you like women there is also a niche. I used to live as a child, and I have nothing else. But now I understand that it is necessary and very. Yes, I have enormous feelings of guilt towards her son for the fact that I work a lot, but I’m struggling with this. Last year for the first time I went for a week without the baby, by herself, with friends. Missed that when I came back, gave him much more time than if I formally began this week in Moscow and are constantly engaged in their business,” shared the actress.

Maria claims that he never sought to arrange a grandiose wedding. On the set and in the theater Kulikov repeatedly trying on wedding outfits. “None of the stamp in the passport does not guarantee anything. I always quietly treated the wedding. But someone needs this holiday. And I believe that if the woman he needed, the man can find the strength to hold it, nothing happens. I, several times a year on screen getting married and suffocating in corsets. Today was spent in a wedding dress for seven hours. It’s a horror! The wedding is such a fuss and responsibility. I honestly pass, not ready for it. I think it’s better to spend time on something else than a magnificent celebration. Now I have everything in life very well. I’m happy with what is happening, and would not want to go back somewhere ago. But I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Maybe I will start a depression over the fact that I desperately grow up quickly” – said the star in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.