Maria Kulikova complained about the horrors of renovation

Мария Куликова пожаловалась на ужасы ремонта The actress more than three years, tidied the first floor of the house. Maria Kulikova told that she had to endure. Ex-wife of Denis Matrosov gave to understand that the luxurious design of the home took her a lot of time, nerves and money.
Мария Куликова пожаловалась на ужасы ремонта

The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” Maria Kulikova just recently completed upgrading their homes. The repairs took three years. And spent a lot of money, time and effort of a famous actress.

Now, when it’s all over, Maria Kulikova proudly showed pictures of the house in the microblog, and honestly, what it cost to bring it into perfect order. The repair length in three long years she calls a real adventure and a disaster, which has required a considerable effort.

“Three years ago I started a repair in the house alone. In this adventure I dragged his neighbor, an innocent man Sasha with a charming name performed same functions!He shared with me the horrors of repairs “from scratch” in the literal sense of the word. A concrete box, without a single hint that it can be turned into the living room. Not going to tell you about all the difficulties global repair, everyone at least once faced with this catastrophe. I went the classic way, like most “repairmen” counted on one amount, and that notorious estimates, successfully grew with each passing day. Basic things I tried not to save. Built-in furniture, stairs, floors, walls, etc.,” shared Maria Kulikova my experience.

The actress has admitted that he did not attach much importance to curtains. To decorate the Windows, she decided at the last moment. But now they are the pride of Kulikova, who had no idea what curtains will change the interior beyond recognition.

Ex-wife of Denis Matrosov gave to understand that in these days enjoy the comfort of your home and thinking about how to stylishly fill the second floor of the house.

It is worth noting that Maria Kulikova not so long ago hinted at changes in his personal life. In early September, the actress has published in the microblog is very clearly a photo taken during a holiday in Greece. In the picture Kulikovo depicted in company with a man who gently stroked her hand.

The ex-wife of Denis Matrosov making out with new lover in Greece

Apparently, it’s not just friendship. In the picture, the actress looked relaxed and happy. Furthermore, her man chose not to show his face.