Мария Куликова восхищается интеллектом своего избранника A famous actress does not hide that is in a relationship. But who is her lover, Maria Kulikova prefers not to talk. Fans of the actress suggest that the mystery man is very serious about her.
Мария Куликова восхищается интеллектом своего избранника

Star of TV series “Sklifosovsky” and “From hatred to love” Maria Kulikova tries to protect her personal life from public attention. It is known that the heart of the busy actress, but who is her mystery partner, the woman prefers not to talk. Kulikova often travels with a man. Once, Mary ventured to publish a joint photo with the second half, but in the photo you can not see the face of her beloved.

In a recent interview Kulikova admitted that he is in no hurry with the wedding. At the same time, the actress does not exclude that still will decide again to tie the knot.

“He’s educated, he has two higher education… But to marry don’t see the point, because all of these ticks, stamps, we have all been there. If at some point you want holiday we will fly to the ocean and somewhere in there get married – why not? – said the actress to journalists. – That is, I have no such: and never for that! Just at the moment I don’t think about it. The wedding because you need to plan. And any plan kills holiday”.

On the question of whether her choice is relevant to the acting profession, Maria chose not to answer in the affirmative. “But I will not tell. I actually vowed not to talk about personal life. We with Denis her shone, but foolishly, in his youth,” said star. For Kulikova was not crucial, what is her beloved kind of activity. According to the artist, the main thing – to love.

From marriage to the peers Denis Matrosov Maria has a six year old son Ivan. The actress tries to give my child every minute of free time. Very soon the boy will go to the first class, so attending preparatory classes.

“Try some languages type: English, German. Now such a race for this crazy. And, of course, I have already there are complexes, they say, need to match, but I try a little bit, without fanaticism. Because there is nothing more personal communication. I generally try to develop comprehensively Ivan,” Maria told reporters.

Ivan is also involved in sports. In my free training to school while he walks into the pool. Despite the breakup with Maria Kulikova and Denis Matrosov also participates in the education of boys. The actress does not preclude meetings of the child with the father. “Ivan loves daddy, daddy loves Vanya” – shared Kulikova WomanHit.ru.