Maria Kravtsov told about impotence due to the illness of a daughter

Мария Кравцова рассказала о бессилии из-за болезни дочки
The heiress of the presenter picked up a mutated virus.

Maria Kravtsova with daughter Faith

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Maria Kravtsova shared with followers in social networks their experiences. Just before the star fell ill youngest child. Year-old daughter Faith, according to Maria, caught a mutated virus. Kravtsov admitted that she feels powerless and doesn’t know how to behave in a similar situation.

“There’s nothing worse than when kids get sick… I do Not know that for mutating viruses go around the city. But I haven’t slept in two nights… I’m against the stuff of children with medicines and the body may need to cope on their own. But it is impossible to simply look at the prostrate child with a temperature of 40.3 feel the confusion and helplessness…” complained Maria.

By the way, Mary is concerned about another issue: how to protect big brother “sick” — Mayor? Children Kravtsova live in the same house, so high risk that second child Kravtsova will “fall” with similar symptoms. “And if one family member is already sick, do something to save the others?” — asks Kravtsov fans.

The fans decided to support the star and has advised several people’s ways of dealing with a high fever. But in the end came to a consensus that such symptoms need to call the pediatrician, as self-medicate can cause serious harm girls.