Мария Кравцова рассказала о том, как прийти в форму после родов
The presenter used an unusual method to weight loss.

Maria Kravtsova with my daughter

Photo: @Instagram marikakravtsova Maria Kravtsova

Maria Kravtsova two years had twice become a mother, but it has an excellent toned figure. TV presenter admitted that to maintain a slim body, at the same time caring for two toddlers, is not too difficult. So, for example, as one of the shells for the exercises, Maria uses a car seat.

“The gym goes by the wayside until we are firmly child seat! Dad, by the way, I also love and thus get buff!” — said Kravtsov. In addition, weight loss TV presenter and contribute to the “home attractionscity” which Mary entertains their children. “A distinctive feature of the young mother was strong biceps and triceps a relief! Of course! How much our hands have tossings sickness, any decathalon, however, and other home attrakcionov…” she confessed.

Incidentally, the birth of his second child Mary was hidden from his fans. The presenter generally does not like to dwell on the subject of his personal life, guided by the motto: “Happiness loves silence!” Kravtsov happily married husband and businessman Sergei, with whom she not long ago noted a five-year anniversary of Dating.

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