Мария Кравченко поделилась своими секретами красоты
Participant Comedy Woman talked about their favorite cosmetics.

Photo: Instagram

Look for the artist is part of the job. Look great after constant lack of sleep, long hours of filming and “heavy” makeup — not so easy. All the problems Actresses and TV presenters easily solves repeated visits to the beautician. However, in the thick of shooting the chart and during a long tour this option is for artists available. We have to get out!

Member of popular comic show Comedy Woman Maria Kravchenko by trial and error over several years determined that should always be in her purse. No matter it is home or away from home for hundreds of kilometers.

“Twice a day, wash with lye soap! — shared the girl. — How would it sounds, but my skin is super tool! I also use alginate masks, facial wash and exfoliating regularly do everything from Dr.Jart. If there is a term “patchey maniac”, it is about me. Ready to impose their whole — from head to toe!!! By the way, about feet. I love oil for feet Sisley white ginger and ivy gel from swelling St.Barth. Before filming even apply it on the face. I love the night leave-in mask, they are especially good during the heated season of our apartments. Want to feel that your hair and skin breathe? Do exfoliate the scalp. For home use suitable range of products Nioxin. And at night I make a mask for lips. There is a great tool Korean brand Laniege. We are inseparable!”

These beauty tips appreciated admirer of Mary. 33-year-old TV star claims to be the best expert in the field of beauty, but at the age of 33 she looks just fine. But miracles do not happen: perfect skin and the almost complete lack of wrinkles at artist is the result of daily work on yourself.