Maria Kravchenko has supported young dancers

Мария Кравченко поддержала юных танцоров
Star Comedy Woman appeared on popular television shows.

Maria Kravchenko on the filming of the show

Photo: Press-service of NTV

Today NTV will show a new
a competitive day of the international show “You’re super! Dancing.” The project came true yet
one childhood dream: to support young ballroom dancers before the responsible
the performance came actress popular Comedy show “Comedy Woman”
Maria Kravchenko.

Wife Starenkova and Nastia on Anichkina
11 years ballroom dancing are both from childhood. Both remained without care
parents, both brought up by her grandmother. The children participated in numerous
Russian and international tournaments in ballroom dancing. And conquer the project “You
super! Dancing” came along. And to support them in the contest came
comic artist Maria Kravchenko. The children were very happy personally
to meet his idol.

“I remember myself in my childhood, when I dreamed of someone to meet from
“television,” — said Maria Kravchenko. — Therefore, no matter what would
a tight schedule was, I would come to the guys anyway! Very
worried about this couple when I watched the performance backstage. They have
incredible power, at your young age they’re professionals!”