Мария Кожевникова будет изучать молочное хозяйство

31-year-old actress and the state Duma have decided to get second higher education in the direction of standardization and Metrology.

Maria Kozhevnikova seem to be long departed from the image of a naive Alia from “Uni”. She is married and has two sons, starred in a war movie and works in the state Duma. But this actress is not enough. Now she decided to get second higher. And not in the capital, MSU, like many of her colleagues, and in molochnokonservnyi Academy in Vologda. There, according to the artist, good faculty.

As you know, knowledge is very useful to Mary for predvidjena new laws. In the State Duma it is, we recall, deals with issues of food security. Especially known for its effort to ban the use of palm and other tropical oils in products for children and teenagers.

Moreover, the star of the film “Battalion” long said that he wants to know about the topic prodovolstvia as much as possible, and plans about the second higher education in this area. And that’s when her youngest son max turned 1, 6 years she decided to move closer to its goal.

“First, never too late to learn and always need it and gives us life. And secondly, in the State Duma I am now involved in food security issues, and although the directions on which I’m working now, I think I can already give lectures, however, believe we have many still only a diploma. So my opponents did not address my questions, I decided to get an education on the profile of the activities that lead now,” said Maria Kozhevnikova edition of “life”.

The celebrity also said that he chose the UNIVERSITY in the capital is no accident. In molochnokonservnyi Academy in Vologda, she liked the teaching staff.

The first higher education Mary – acting. In 2006 she graduated RATI (GITIS).

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