Maria Kozhevnikova summed up my life

Мария Кожевникова подвела итоги своей жизни
The actress turned 33 years old.

Photo: Instagram

To achieve 33 years of age Maria Kozhevnikova really achieved a lot in his life. She became known and respected person, was married and had three children. All this girl details told on the day of his birthday.

“I’m 33 and it’s time to bring intermediate results, to dream is already not a child, to set themselves new goals and conquer them! says Maria. — I will be immodest. The age of Christ, I come confident and happy with myself! My parents can be proud of, and I don’t want to change anything, even if you were able to rewind the years back and ReWire. On this day I want to say: I am a daughter, and pray that it always has been, I’m the wife who sees every day the admiration and love in the eyes of the best men in the world, I — mother of many children, is the feeling that even in the presence of the rich Russian language, it is difficult to describe with words. With all of this, and this is a bigger part of my life, I can realize themselves in a way that makes my heart and faith! I realize that I have been given more than others, and I try to share it with others. And to be perfectly honest, I’m doing this more for myself, because at this moment, in the moment of outstretched hands, there comes the satisfaction and purification. Athlete, actress, politician, public figure… Sometimes hear, and not how many it takes?! I’ll take more if you want! Thing is, I never open the door when you knock, even under stress. Always met with resistance in all the areas that are listed above, but the nature of sports training and example of my grandfather before my eyes were never allowed to quail before difficulties. Therefore, it only gets more interesting, though more difficult. You wish for yourself, loved ones, family, all of us — only health. It’s the only thing you must have to absolute happiness, everything else is achieved through brain and sweat that I’m always ready. And Yes, I wanted to thank! Thank you mom and dad, my ancestors, most importantly the Lord for the opportunity to live in this upside-down is a very difficult time and for the opportunity to be yourself!”