Maria Kozhevnikova sided Elena Temnikova

Мария Кожевникова встала на сторону Елены Темниковой
The actress supported the singer in a difficult situation.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova (Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova)

Maria Kozhevnikova, like many Russians, closely followed the process of selecting the artist who will represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017”. Recently it became known that the leadership of the First channel has already made the shortlist of performers who can qualify to participate in a music competition. This list includes: Alexander Panayotov, Elena Temnikova, Daria Antonyuk, Jane SOPRANO Turetsky.

Kozhevnikova admitted that, in her opinion, it Temnikova worthy performances in international competition. “Lena deserves to represent our country at the Eurovision song contest! In my opinion, she is one of the first singers who was not afraid to go against the “formats” and makes the music that pours from her heart! I personally, as a creative person, it always feel, feel, when the artist kicks , takes pleasure in music, words, from the energy of people in the hall! Think about what it is fashionable, talented , professional and, most importantly, a fighter, to say no! Of course, the decision will be taken by the leadership of the first channel, but I wish it coincided with the voting results of people on various sites, but nobody wins Temnikova,” said Kozhevnikova.

We will remind that Alexander’s best performance on “Eurovision” will debut. But Elena in 2007, participated in the competition in the group SEREBRO, the girl then took the third place. In support of Temnikovo managed to speak out her podrygala Buzova. “I believe that is the heart of our contemporary music now. My personal opinion. I would be really happy for her friend. What do you think, my good?” — asked Olga subscribers.