Maria Kozhevnikova quarrel with her husband because of the name of the third child

Мария Кожевникова ссорится с мужем из-за имени третьего ребенка
The actress shared details of his personal life.

Maria Kozhevnikova and Ivan Urgant

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Less than a month since Maria Kozhevnikova has become a mother of many children, but the actress already leads an active social life. The day before she was first published after the birth of the artist came to support the colleagues at the premiere of “the Grandmother of easy virtue.” And today aired the program “Smak” with Ivan Urgant, where Mary had first shared details of the birth of her third child.

During cooking Maria frankly admitted: to do everything as before she called for help mom. Kozhevnikova invited her to go and spend some time in your house. Mom helps the actress with the children and cooking. While Maria honestly told me that for her husband, Yevgeny Vasilyev lives in the same house with the mother is not easy. However, until serious quarrels in the house Kozhevnikova is not reached. But small differences appear often.

For example, Maria said she still did not choose for his third son’s name as the houses on this subject, still there is a serious “war”. “How to call the little we don’t know Yet… the fight is on!” joked Maria.

Kozhevnikova, by the way, admitted that he is not going to stop at three children. She dreams of a larger number of heirs in the house. Ideally, Mary would be happy if her family appeared in a total of five children.