Maria Kozhevnikova is preparing for the replenishment of the family

Мария Кожевникова готовится к пополнению в семье
A few months famous actress Maria Kozhevnikova and her husband Evgeny Vasilyev will become parents for the third time.

Мария Кожевникова готовится к пополнению в семье

Maria for a long time managed to hide the pregnancy.

Мария Кожевникова готовится к пополнению в семье

The actress is not published, it cannot be found in the secular parties, it is only your family and the expectation of a future baby.

“Pregnancy is easy, Masha – say close Kozhevnikova. – No morning sickness, no weakness. For food he tries to keep to not too much better. She and her husband want a big family, planning more children, so the news that soon will become parents, they are incredibly happy. Jack was always a caring husband, and now just surrounded her – of the household chores took over. Masha pleased with the colors, it’s sweet. She and her husband are very different in character, but between them there is such harmony, which is rare to find”.

Recall that the family of the actress and her husband are two sons, Ivan and Maxim.

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