Мария Кожевникова наняла детям психолога
The actress is worried about the proper development of children.

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova is a progressive mother. She is not afraid to experiment in the education of children, if you think it will benefit her sons.

Recently, the actress took their older children — Ivan and Maxim, on the advice of a psychologist, and then shared his opinion, why it considers it necessary.

“In our country, why it is not accepted to contact children’s psychologists, — said Kozhevnikov. — Is that when there is serious problem… But in vain! Children go through different stages of growing up, and us parents, it is sometimes difficult to understand them. I have long been solved on this step and I admit was worried about how everything will go, especially for the reaction of Maxim. But in the end, children are so carried away that instead of the 30 minutes allotted for the consultation, each incubated for 1.5 hours, as the tests were in the form of a game. This knowledge — simple steps that will help You cope with children’s tantrums, child aggression, through all age crises. Our neuropsychologist Valentine knows what’s inside the brain and how to run it. She gave me good advice and told what to pay attention to.”

When the younger son of the actress grows up, Maria will take him to a grief counselor. By the way, the boy is already a month and a half, but Mary still keeps in secret his name. Maria and her husband long could not decide what to call the third son, even quarrel, but still come to an agreement and have already received all the first documents of the boy.