Maria Kozhevnikova has still not chosen a name for a third child

Мария Кожевникова до сих пор не выбрала имя для третьего ребенка The actress was the guest of the program “Relish”. Mother of many children told how her life changed after the birth of another son. Kozhevnikova told that each of the kids their own room, and to help babysit younger brothers, max and Ivan.
Мария Кожевникова до сих пор не выбрала имя для третьего ребенка

Maria Kozhevnikov recently became a mother for the third time. The young woman gave her husband another son, but the name for the heir is not yet invented. In the program “Smak” star admitted that she always pays attention to the signs of destiny, guided by the decision maker.

“The older son we named Ivan, since he was born on the day of the christening. And the name I chose Maxim because of the signs. Son was born weighing 4 kilos 600 grams. The nurse told me that I have a week hold maximum weight. And after the baby was brought to me in the cap with the name Maxim. But with the youngest we have not decided yet,” said Maria.

Young woman admitted that to cope with three sons it is difficult, therefore, to their house temporarily moved the mother of the actress. A relative helps Kozhevnikova look after the children and engaged in their education.

Maria does not deny that dreams of a big family. According to the actress, she always wanted to have several children.

“Childbirth in the first and in the second, and the third time is a miracle. I think, the fourth and the fifth it would be so. I always wanted a big family, so my husband and I are not going to stop there. I think kids will be five,” said the star.

Fans do not get tired to admire Mary, she manages not only to raise three sons, but also to build a career in the movies. The young woman admitted that she participated in the filming until the last month of pregnancy and felt great.

The actress shared how she manages to keep perfect form. “I am against diets. I am ten years they sat, as did artistic gymnastics. I believe that we need to reduce portion sizes and cook for a couple” – said the star.

The actress is not complex about excess weight. Now Tanner has not yet come into perfect shape. During the first and the second birth, the star gaining about forty pounds, but managed to quickly returned to previous levels on the scales.

According to Maria, she needs to lose another 18 kilos to be perfect. However, fans of the star believe that she is in great shape. For many young moms, the actress is a role model.

At the end of the show Ivan Urgant jokingly suggested naming the third son of Maria Gusto, in honor of his cooking show.