Maria Kozhevnikova has revealed details of a “secret” pregnancy

Мария Кожевникова раскрыла подробности «тайной» беременности
The actress explained why hid “interesting position”.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova recently again became a mother to many of her fans, this joyous event was a complete surprise. The fact that the artist cleverly hid her pregnancy from the prying: wore clothes of a cut and spacious, so it wasn’t obvious growing belly, tried on the “glow” on the stars and events, and Network Maria publish only portrait photography. Thus, Kozhevnikova has managed to retain its “interesting position” in secret almost up to the birth.

Maria recently revealed the true reasons why so hard to “encrypted”. “For me, it is possible to take note of, in the last months of pregnancy to be focused solely on the child without other people, noise, gossip, and… Talk with the baby, to talk through what it will soon need to go, who and what awaits him! I create a dome, a world that is only ours, where light and warmth, and most importantly it has love and peace! It helps before birth to be collected, to help the child, because everything feels the mother is transferred to baby. So Your attitude, Your emotions and confidence —the Foundation for a new life! My third birth was complicated, there were complications that we, because of what you have written above and qualified doctors who have successfully done it!” — told Kozhevnikova.

By the way, Maria is not the first time mentions in his stories that her third labor was difficult. Recently, the actress admitted that appearing to experience difficulty during the birth of her son helped prayer. “All expectant mothers to note, there is prayer to the Mother of God for assistance in childbirth, I had my difficulties, but it helped me a lot! Get your act together and ever talk about it…” — said recently Kozhevnikova.