Maria Kozhevnikova has revealed details of a difficult birth

Мария Кожевникова раскрыла подробности тяжелых родов This summer, the star has become a mother of many children. In the family Maria Kozhevnikova and businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev appeared a beautiful little boy. As it turned out, during pregnancy the actress and public figure is faced with serious problems.
Мария Кожевникова раскрыла подробности тяжелых родов

Some time ago Maria Kozhevnikova has become a mother for the third time. Actress and social activist gave her husband, businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev, a charming boy. In the program “the Destiny of man” celebrity openly spoke to Boris Korchevnikov about his life.

According to Maria, her labor was difficult. The actress helped prayers. As it turned out, doctors diagnosed the pregnant star double entanglement of the fetus.

“The third birth has happened that even the doctor was worried, though Elena Zarubina is a brilliant woman. There are doctors from God, it’s lucky for me. I had the double entanglement. In such cases, as a rule, appoint a cesarean section. I’m all for natural birth, if possible… the Doctor was worried, because the timing of ultrasound alone time in my memory other and internal state of others”, – said the woman.
Мария Кожевникова раскрыла подробности тяжелых родов

Kozhevnikova decided to go to the elder Elijah, whom she has long been familiar. He once baptized a second son of the actress. Eli advised Mary to regularly refer to the prayer of the mother of God for assistance in childbirth. However, when the star returned home, she delayed the trouble of the children. So Kozhevnikova forgot about the Board for two days.

“At four o’clock in the night (last month I had trouble sleeping), I suddenly remembered about prayer and thought about how I could to forget about it. I read it. At nine o’clock my water broke. As a result, everything happened as it should… – shared the actress. I didn’t have contractions, had some problems, I called them. Perhaps it could be a different outcome, not so good for me. But we with the son have coped.”

Now Mary gets rid of the extra pounds gained during pregnancy. A month after the appearance of the third child, the actress decided on a bold photo shoot. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog star, she poses with a naked belly.

“I wanted to support women who have just given birth. Even I, knowing about how to make all the covers that appeared complex because of the appearance. Because things are getting out of the hospital as a model with catwalk, and I have a plus 40 kg Although I ate quite little, I had a certain diet. Just hormonal during the last two months,” explained Maria.

Kozhevnikova said that many who have recently given birth or pregnant women are criticized for gained pounds. “Where in the people so much gall?” perplexed star.