Maria Kozhevnikova has paid for his actions

Мария Кожевникова поплатилась за свой поступок
Scandalous photoshoot is haunted by many surrounded by artist.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Before it became known that the founder of the Playboy Empire, Hugh Hefner has died at the age of 92. His name became known around the world in 1953, when it was printed the first edition of unique magazine for men, to be on the cover, subsequently not one dreamed of a world star. The star of the Russian TV series “Univer” Maria Kozhevnikova was no exception. Nine years ago, when she was offered the shoot in the Russian edition of Playboy, she immediately agreed. The actress was honored on the eve of the memory of deceased Hefner published the cover with his image. This photo shoot was taken Mary’s life a lot of inconvenience, but, as recognized Kozhevnikova, she does not regret.

“This is a cover me “expensive” cost , but we learned that everything, everything without exception, politicians are reading this journal. The cover I is accused as the most terrible my act, and let on the day of judgment and will. But I don’t regret it, the female body has always been a subject of admiration! Most great artists, he tried to draw and sculpt, now everything left in the photo, and the magazine, which was created by Hugh Hefner, produced the sexual revolution. This can be treated in different ways, but the fact remains!” — says Maria.

Network users still respond differently to that very brave of you Mary. Many continue to Express Mary’s criticisms. “Children will see, what will you say?” “Can you imagine how frustrating it is now to her husband…”, “Proud history sell your body, it’s not clever,” write Mary.