Maria Kozhevnikova has lost a child’s system food

Мария Кожевникова похудела на детской системе питания The actress gained nearly 30 pounds after the birth of her third child. Maria is actively losing weight for my birthday. Also a young mother encourages all women to love themselves in any proportions.
Мария Кожевникова похудела на детской системе питания

Maria Kozhevnikova in July became a mother, artist was born the third son. The young woman recovered strongly during the last pregnancy, however, it is actively losing weight and shares with the fans in Instagram success and gives advice on how to get in shape after childbirth. Maria also supports other women in the desire to lose weight.

“Because I have small children, a separate system power supply I have: eat what they eat. Cook for a couple trying not to eat anything fried, less flour,” – said Maria.

According to the actress, she still needs to lose 10 pounds, however, the husband admires Mary in any weight. “His love and support for me most important thing. Therefore, if one of the men suddenly reads my interview, I beg you: always keep your soul mate, believe me, it is so important – your look, your admiration,” said Kozhevnikova. The actress admitted that she left frustrated and came to harmony.

Mother of many children shared the secrets of weight loss. “First and foremost is, of course, proper nutrition. I also drink a lot of water. I try to drink hydrogen water. Unfortunately, it is not cheap,” – shared the actress. Maria noted that the water gives you the ability to lose weight faster by speeding up the metabolism, improves health, get more energy.

“And at the gym with three kids I have no time, so exercise at home, nothing complicated: on the press and on the muscles of the whole body,” said Kozhevnikova

The actress spoke in detail than Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maria mandatory to drink on an empty stomach in the morning, several cups of warm water.

Then the mother of many children eat Breakfast. “You can sometimes afford a little sandwich, because the only thing I can’t give proper nutrition, so it’s sausages”, – said Kozhevnikov. For the first meal of the actress cooks an omelette, or eat yogurt. Maria is having lunch with his sons baby soup.

“And try to have dinner early. Can even do an Apple for dinner, if you know that will stand or eat buckwheat with a small amount of meat or rice with steamed fish,” said Kozhevnikova. Also, the actress has cut for himself portions of food. “The easier it will reap, the faster the weight goes, and on the next day, minus a pound”, – said Maria in an interview