Мария Кожевникова обвинила подписчиков в лицемерии
The actress urged her fans to common sense.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova was in trouble. The actress has published in his microblog photo, which appeared in a luxurious fur coat. The picture was taken in the boutique during the fitting Kozhevnikova spectacular fur. Defenders of animals are not left unattended a photo of the actress and harshly criticized the fact Kozhevnikova wearing clothes from natural fur. However, Mary herself remained outraged by such criticism and wrote a reply to the detractors. She considered the hypocrisy of the fact that most negatively commented the users found photos of leather bags and shoes and cosmetics.

“I have read almost all the comments under the previous post and know that “surprisingly fine” that you write about the poor animals people with closed pages, but even in profile you can see down jacket with fur collar,with makeup on her face,and the open pages, the most ardent Champions of the animals – feast of meat and fish,with a variety of photos in boots and jackets…” — said Maria. The actress admitted that this approach is more immoral than wearing fur coats.

“The hypocrisy lies in the double standards, when 10 minutes ago You ate a delicious sandwich or sausage, and later in compliance with sadness I write about the slain animals, with an appeal to others’ conscience.Or even drop the food, here you can find a “perfect” excuse, ‘ added Maria. — You did, dear judge, don’t use drugs? Yes,but tested on different animals or mice You do not mind? And since, most of the “inquisitors” were women put the discussion to a standstill when cosmetics are not thinking how it is tested? Let’s imagine for a moment what happens to the cornea of a Guinea pig,which gets a drop of Your favorite shampoo? To continue on? Continue,many wrote about the jackets, but my question is,feathers from the birds he disappears and grows again? Or You meant from synthetic materials? Okay, but don’t You pity the mass is not less valuable resources, often nonrenewable? By the way,from the production of synthetic materials, surrounded by one or another plant,also killed the animals!”