Maria Kozhevnikova first showed the younger son

Мария Кожевникова впервые показала младшего сына
The actress made a new year’s gift to his fans.

Maria Kozhevnikova with his youngest son

Maria Kozhevnikova
gave his fans a very
a pleasant surprise. In honor of the New year
and the coming of Christmas, the actress first
showed the younger son, who
gave birth in July last year. “All
worried, why is my stream not
the third son, exceptionally, in
the occasion of our first photos!”
— has signed the actress published in
social network the baby. And although
to frame the baby’s face not visible to subscribers
microblog stars this is the quite
staged. After all, the photo clearly,
as the third child of Mary rose
during this time. To the sadness of fans, the actress
did not disclosed the name of the baby, but
soon it will no longer be a mystery.
As said a friend of the star, it will open
the “terrible” secret after the boy
six months, that is, after
20 Jan. As for the other two
her children, Maxim and Ivan — they are already
become real stars. The middle son
the actress, who is only two years
already got my first salary. Maxim
for the first time took part in a fashion show,
for which he received remuneration.

“I came to the podium in 5
of years and earned almost the same
as my father for a month, being then
double Olympic champion! And
my sons already beat me to it, —
shared Kozhevnikova. — Of course, I
do not designate children future models, but after
such moments, the child realizes that
such work and how to get the money.
So yesterday honestly earned
for a gift, and chose typewriter. And although
the fact that we were late for rehearsal and
we were given only verbal instructions
my two year old walked relaxed
on the catwalk, stopping at the desired point
and as withdrew with dignity, and
the sight struck me! He knew that
he has motivation, he will be able
afford to buy any gifts received
from me personally a small amount. This
the motivation worked flawlessly!”