Maria Kozhevnikova first bared stomach after the third confinement

Мария Кожевникова впервые оголила живот после третьих родов The actress of the series “Univer” recently became a mother. During the pregnancy Maria Kozhevnikova gained 27 pounds. Now the girl gets rid of excess weight while being careful not to harm your health.

This summer, the actress gave her husband the third heir. During the pregnancy she made a remarkable recovery. Unlike many star mothers, who are eager to cajsalisa slimmer, Kozhevnikova not hide completeness and is not seeking to lose weight quickly at any cost. His followers in “Instagram” Maria without shame, demonstrated not yet perfect belly.

“The third pregnancy I gained less than the previous two, and it was highly noticeable! Plus 27 to plus 40, – says the actress. – It’s been more than a month after the birth of my son, but I have 13 lbs, and I’m gradually going to rebound, despite the fact that don’t fit in their clothes. This, incidentally, is the most important incentive! Clothes hanging, and wear can’t Bidnenko. But even so, I love your body and create stress, slimming more than five kg in a month, I will not!” – said a young mother.

Kozhevnikova said that its publication wants to support all mothers who have lost shape after childbirth and is now working on myself. Many fans wondered how good looking the actress, despite the extra pounds, and also thanked her for her honesty. “Maria, you look amazing”, “But honestly, and thank you Mary for this!” “Why hide?! We are all not perfect, and after the third confinement exactly 90h60h90 will not be released from the hospital. You the good fellow, Masha!” – write fans.

By the way, Maria could not choose the name of the younger son. In the Studio of the program “Smak” mother admitted that believes in signs and omens. This affects decision-making.

“The older son we named Ivan, since he was born on the day of the christening. And the name I chose Maxim because of the signs. Son was born weighing 4 kilos 600 grams. The nurse told me that I have a week hold maximum weight. And after the baby was brought to me in the cap with the name Maxim. But with the youngest we have not yet decided,” said the actress to the viewers. The truth is soon in his microblog reported that they still managed to make a decision.

Maria Kozhevnikova has still not chosen a name for their third child.

To cope with the three boys was not so easy, Kozhevnikova even had to call for help mother. However, the actress is not going to stop there: she dreams of a big family and plans to have at least two kids.