Maria Kozhevnikova fighting for the lives of seriously ill child

Мария Кожевникова борется за жизнь тяжелобольного ребенка The actress is trying to help raise money for the child’s treatment. This Maria told the fans in the microblog. From her post, it follows that the boy could die because of medical errors, which is impossible to prove.
Мария Кожевникова борется за жизнь тяжелобольного ребенка

The mother of three children, the actress and former MP Maria Kozhevnikova wrote in a microblog post about Tselovalnik boy. The actress told followers that the government does not provide financial support to children who need expensive operations.

“Someone will condemn me for this post, but I have a moral right to write it, how to help someone publicly, someone quiet. The last boy that nobody knows, almost died after a glaring medical error, of course, not to prove, but the parents are not trying, there’s no time, because all of it goes to fight for his life!” – I wrote to Maria.

The actress spoke about the two-year patient who needs long-term care and rehabilitation. Kozhevnikova said that the Moscow hospital cannot provide the sick child’s chamber. According to the former Deputy of the medical establishment come up with “excuses” or cannot find a place.

Kozhevnikova said that there are humane people who will be able to provide sick child needed medical care: “it is Clear why some officials, taking decisions on such spending, and put it on the scales more global problems? Someone will say, you were there, why not fight?!” – asked Maria to readers. The actress said that working in the state Duma, did everything possible to help sick children, “Fought and did everything that I could depend on, apparently, so I no longer there! I continue with the mandate or not, it really doesn’t matter to me, to do what I can.”

“In General, I’m sorry to “pour out” their emotions on you, but somehow all that is Holy into the abyss is falling…” – said Kozhevnikov.

Recall that Mary gave birth to her third boy this summer. Now the actress is on maternity leave and bringing up sons. Kozhevnikova happily married with Yevgeny Vasilyev. According to friends of the family, the senior heirs of max and Ivan, growing up an active and inquisitive, and are now helping the mother to cope with the baby.