Maria Kozhevnikova called because of disputes with her husband

Мария Кожевникова назвала причину споров с мужем The actress explained how they solve complex issues. According to star, her husband is very patient. Besides, Mary says that can fully rely on Eugene some questions.

After the birth of the second son of actress Maria Kozhevnikova chose to withdraw from active filming a movie and concentrate on the upbringing of children, Maxim and Ivan. The star is married to businessman Yevgeny Vasilyev, who understands her perfectly. According to the artist, he respected her profession, so never blames the spouse, if they have long not see each other.

“We are different in character and temperament, but I guess that’s why we work so well together. We complement each other. Jack wise and generous, those qualities that are most valuable to me. It’s hard to say what it means “your man”… It’s like an extension of you like your part, you’re not looking at it the pros and cons, and just live and feel their integrity,” admitted Kozhevnikova.

Husband of Maria Kozhevnikova is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of it

As in any family, the couple sometimes there is a misunderstanding. According to the artist, any differences they are able to quickly handle, while not bringing the situation to a serious conflict.

“Jack taught me just the wisdom I was talking about. I can argue, but I will do so only if absolutely sure of the correctness. Dispute for the sake of argument — it is not. I have a very forbearing husband, in this case rational. But most importantly, I trust him fully in making strategically important for our family decisions”, – said the actress.

Kozhevnikova often shares with followers the details of his personal life and sometimes asks them for advice. Many of the fans of the actress are worried that you’ll never see her again in new projects. Maria confirms that different priorities after the birth of heirs.

“Everything has changed. I used to live in your own interests to have time to grasp the immensity, to implement their plans, to build a career. It was like the eternal race, breaking the new straps, which I myself put. With the birth of Vani appeared a different meaning of life. In our house everything is subordinated to the interests of children, in the proper sense of the word. Now there is no word for “me”, “WE”, – said Kozhevnikov edition