Мария Кожевникова призналась, страдает «популярной» фобией
An actress since childhood, he can not get rid of obsessive fear.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: Instagram

Maria Kozhevnikova admitted that until now
afraid of dentists: today’s trip to the dentist, the actress delayed several
months. Although not very pleasant to go for her procedure was absolutely the star

“Long delayed the trip to the dentist —
shares Maria. — Yes, Yes, that campaign, because the fees there lasted some
months. Apparently, childhood fears stay with us, despite the new technology, the freeze
and silent machine. Utterly rude aunt is a dentist from the clinic so far
standing in front of my eyes. Ran into her when I was six years old, and
remember for a lifetime. Although I am trying lately to eat less sweet,
but still, two pregnancies had taken their toll. In General, I gathered and how
you see, even smiling in the chair.”

It is worth noting that problems with the teeth after the birth of the baby begin
many of the women. From the second trimester the body’s need for calcium
increases several times, because it begins to form the skeletal system
child. Often, even if the expectant mother eats right, uses
dairy products and vitamins, this is not enough — the calcium is washed out, including teeth.

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