Maria Kozhevnikova admitted Olga Buzova incompetent

Мария Кожевникова признала Ольгу Бузову профнепригодной
The actress got involved in a scandal of a movie star with producer.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: @mkozhevnikova Instagram Maria Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova occupied in the recent conflict of Viktor Drobysh and Olga Buzova the side of the producer. In his microblog she explained that she finds it unacceptable when the actor shows their incompetent, speaking on stage to the soundtrack. It “added fuel to the fire”, and without the scandal and criticized Buzova, so much so that fans of Olga literally “freaked out” after the publication Kozhevnikova.

“I don’t think it’s right to ban someone in the work or to condemn, but to respect the audience any artist must. And this is evident not in the posts Insta “Oh, how I love you”, but in reality, in live sound, real emotions that unite artist and audience — sure Maria. — I wonder how would you react to that. arriving at the theatre , heard not the living speech of the artist and the recording?! The actors walked on the stage, pretending to be heroes and grimacing?! It’s absurd, right?!

Then why in the music industry this is not something that is acceptable and even what artists boast, saying openly about his incompetence, his unprofessional?! I don’t give it, good or bad, my post about the other! That plywood is incompetent! This applies to all. And to say this boasting, that I “sing” — disrespect to the audience, to the stage and to colleagues! To cover up their incompetence “honesty” for me is absurd!”

In addition, Mary did not like how Olga reacted to criticism Drobysh. The TV channel MUZ-TV Buzova stated that the deed of Victor was despicable and she as a woman feels insulted. In tears, she complained of vulnerability to Drobysh and complained that now she has nobody to stand up and down with producer (Olga called it the word “drag”). “This is a circus… or the case when the girl from “House-2” display, and the “Dom-2″ from girls?!” — laughed Maria. Publication Kozhevnikova, of course, caused anger among fans of TV stars.

Meanwhile, Victor has brought Buzova apology. He stated that he did not pursue the goal to “hurt” a parody of Olga. But Nastasya Samburski, presented on the stage, which caused a scandal, doesn’t want to go back and “make friends” with Buzova.