Maria Kozhevnikov astonished eldest son

Марию Кожевникову изумил старший сын
The actress was amused by the curious statement by Ivan.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Photo: Instagram

On the eve of the eldest son of Maria Kozhevnikova, Ivan was surprised and
laugh actress, spoke out on the birth of his father. “Ivan recently asked who in the family of the people, —
says the star. — When it came to dad, my mother said to son that
dad people grandma Natasha. But suddenly Ivashka disagreed and said that
dad mom bought at the store when he was little and raised him. So
dear men appreciate your wife that You grow, because the mouths of Babes
speaketh the truth.”

By the way, the talents of the star can be safely attributed the talent to be a good mother. For example, to the middle son Maxim ate tomatoes, the actress planted vegetables
in the greenhouse in a rented cottage. It turned out, the child is not allergic to tomatoes, and
chemistry, which is filled with store-bought vegetables.

Kozhevnikova also very attentive to the development
children. She is not afraid to experiment in their upbringing, if I’m sure
it will benefit the sons. Recently, the actress took their older children Ivan and Maxim for a consultation with a psychologist, and then shared his opinion,
why she deems it necessary.

“In our country, why it is not accepted to appeal to children
psychologists, — said Kozhevnikov. — Is that when there is serious
problem… But in vain! Children go through different stages of growing up, and we, the parents,
it is sometimes difficult to understand them”.