Мария Коженикова отказывает себе в самом приятном
Two days ago, the Deputy and three times mother Maria Kounicova took an important decision for themselves.

Мария Коженикова отказывает себе в самом приятном

Maria decided to give up meat.

“Decided to give up meat… for two weeks. Those who have experience share! Most of all I will miss smoked sausage”

– told Kozhevnikova in Instagram.

After reading different opinions, Maria added:

“Oh, many opinions and all are different… although as our bodies. We, each of us is unique, so no single formula! I want to give up meat for two reasons, first, it is also important – I have visited is the idea, that is, I had a spiritual need, feel… and the other good, but rather high-quality meat it is difficult to find and to buy. In General, I will only listen to your body, its desires and well-being. And Thank you for Your experiences that have been shared almost a thousand people, he once again proved to me that we are all so different, how wonderful! Beauty, both external and internal in character!

PS And sausage…Yes. My weakness here is a very eat right, normally separately without any spices, all can easily refuse, but from smoked, delicious… hard.”

The evening of the following day decided to post a swimsuit shot taken by the sea.

“Go with the flow… Feel the changes, and the first impulse comes from the inside to the outside. Usually, even in the acting profession I have the opposite, it’s like, heels to wear and gait changes… and now otherwise. Well, I was going to catch a wave and take to new heights!”

– said Kozhevnikov.

Looking at the photo itself is quite slender Wave, many noted in the comments that such a figure can not lose weight, everything is in order.