Maria Komissarova has shown a newborn baby

Мария Комиссарова показала новорожденного малыша The athlete told about a mother’s everyday life. Komissarova, who gave birth to a son in April of this year, shares with followers the details of child rearing. In the last picture in the social network subscribers even saw the baby’s head.

Athlete Maria Komissarova, broke his spine during a training session at the Olympics in Sochi, gave birth to a son two weeks ago. The heir came to light in one of the Spanish clinics. ‘Now shares with the subscribers the details of the upbringing of the baby, and also asked experienced mothers advice. Broke the spine Maria Komissarova worried about the baby’s health

In a new entry microblog devoted to her son, Mary said that the child had colic, and asked the followers how to deal with it. However, users of social networks drew much more attention on the Komissarova. Visible is the head of her son.

“Today was a sleepless night, it seems to have started just gas or colic, I don’t know, it’s the same thing, I guess. The kid groaned and farted, I don’t know how to help him, who used the vapour tube? I mean for kids, or drops need? We have two weeks, by the way,” wrote Maria.

Seeing a new post Komissarova, women said that the son looks very cute. Moreover, commentators began to reassure the young mother. “Colic is not necessary to treat it almost all of the kids happens”, “If gas, then you need to adjust your eating”, “Drops to warm the tummy, sometimes baby is safer if the stomach is tighten the diaper” – shared the recommendations of the users.

Recall that the “StarHit” first reported that Maria Komissarova and her husband Alexey Chaadaev expecting. Boy, born April 15, called Matthew. As told’, friends helped them prepare for the meeting with his son, and delivered from the parents too much hassle.

In 2014 during a training session on the track of ski cross Komissarova fell awkwardly and injured his back. The doctors then diagnosed a fracture of the spine with displacement. Despite four operations, the doctors failed to help the athlete. But the woman despairs and hopes for the best. Alex supports his beloved wife.

“If it wasn’t for him, I probably would’ve killed myself… Believe I’ll go!” he told Maria.