Maria, Keri rapidly gaining weight

Мерайя Кери стремительно набирает вес

The resumption of the affair with Bryan Tanaka badly affected the shape of American singer Merii Carey. A woman struggling with excess weight, stout is easy on the eyes in a few weeks. All their wrinkles and extra pounds, Carey has demonstrated on a walk in Barcelona.

Local paparazzi have long doubted whether the lady in lush chiffon blouse American star. But 47-year-old celebrity of her weight, it seems, does not bother. She didn’t pay attention to the audience (the latter probably also was unaware that this Maria Carey).
“Brian is a bad influence on Meryu with him, she relaxes too” — said the insider.
Recall that Carey began to meet with Tanaka, barely parting with his Australian fiancé James Packer. The billionaire often jealous of the bride to the young choreographer, and was right. Maria lost his head from a young lover, took him for resorts, gifts of jewels, gave up his career. But Brian got on top of her head and swung his legs. The man started to be jealous of her ex-husband, did not want to share her attention with her own children. and after another of his tantrums Carey pointed to the door, but from the heart not thrown away.
Rumor has it that the former spouse of Marii Nick Canon trying to get her attention and re-establish a family, but Kari could think about the Tanaka. In the environment of the singer has done everything to protect her from importunate lover, hinder her to work. Maria started to record new songs, thinking about the new tour, but something went wrong, and Tanaka with her again. For how long, only time will tell.