Maria, Keri humiliated ex-fiance

Мерайя Кери унизила бывшего жениха

None of the celebrities does not like to quarrel with Maria Carey. Vindictive celebrity and then stings poignant words at every opportunity. During a recent interview, the singer made unflattering remarks about his former fiance, Australian billionaire James Packer, whom she almost married.
The journalists of the channel E! Maria talked about his new reality show.

“James is no longer in the show, and fans are asking whether he would attend the show?” — reporters asked the singer.
“Oh, his fans?” with a skeptical smile, Keri replied, making it clear that they parted not the best of friends.
Recall that show about life and touring artist “the World of Marii” was supposed to end with the wedding singer and the billionaire, however, due to specific changes in personal life, Carey was forced to change the storyline.
Recall that one of the reasons for breaking up with a Packer called him a jealous dancer Merii Brian Tanaka. The other day a couple was caught kissing and romantic walks in Hawaii, so no smoke without fire was not.