Мария Ивакова предупредила о солнечном затмении сегодня вечером
The presenter told us how to properly and to spend the rest of the day.

Maria Ivanova

Photo: facebook

Leading “Morning on the Friday!” Maria Ivanova
warned his fans about the important event that happens today
in the evening, and gave a number of recommendations.

“Tonight at 19:48 CET
will be a solar Eclipse (imagine that now began to play music from “the Secret
materials”). You may already feel that there is something inexplicable with
you or the environment. Don’t panic, it’s temporary and even normal in this period.

So today’s recommendation.

Number one. Breath and don’t get nervous, it’s useless
don’t need to. Anyone not offended or angry. Drink Valerian, mint tea,
but not Vino.

Number two. How to spend the evening. During the
Eclipse is better to be at home or indoors. I usually meditate
or make wishes, because Eclipse always occurs on new moon, and this
the impulse to something new. You can sit in silence and to forgive offended you or
by to apologize. Good to listen to music, draw
or some other creative thing. Still very good to go to sauna, take
a bath or shower. Clean yourself and clean your house. If you still have the strength can
to starve in the evening, or at least to eat something very light and not stick sorrow
chocolate and donuts.

Number three. Impossible: to marry, to drastically change
life, take crucial decisions, to leave the 10th time with a guy
to expel someone from the house and loudly slam the door. It is not necessary to participate in
mass events (Discoteka gathering, Sabbath – no). No serious
medical procedures and long journeys.

And yet, three days after the Eclipse will be a little
sway, so forget about important meetings and transactions. It is better to postpone until
the best of times.”