Мария Гордиенко рассказала о новом фильме Пола Дано
Director General of the international Concierge service of class Lux Y-CLUB Maria Gordienko about why you should watch “Wild life” of The Director Paul.

Мария Гордиенко рассказала о новом фильме Пола Дано

The “Moscow” cinema for the fourth time gathered art lovers, the festival “week of the Cannes movie”. Opened the film festival the Russian premiere of the “wild life” — directorial debut of actor Paul Dunn, who subtly and tastefully developed on the screen difficult subject of family crisis.

The world premiere took place at the Cannes film festival, and then the tape was presented at the festival in Toronto. In Moscow to estimate magnificent drama gathered celebrity guests, including Svetlana Khodchenkova, Igor Vernik, Elena Volatile, Irina Khakamada and others. On the red carpet were also seen businesswoman Maria Gordienko . Maria is a fan of intellectual cinema, shared his impression of the film: “the wild life deserves the attention, not only by the fact that it is based on the fourth novel by Pulitzer laureate, but few people manage intelligent and not boring develop a theme of a crisis in relations.

“Wild life” right from the first seconds captures. Background the nostalgic 60s, everything is so vintage-value, maximum distanciruemsa from the political and social aspects. Jake Gyllenhaal in his winning the role of a melancholic character and perhaps one of the best roles of an English girl Carey Mulligan, some critics believe that she can get a nomination for “Oscar”.

Special attention deserves the Role of Joe, which is clearly and convincingly performed at that time 16-year-old ed Oxenbould. It’s worth seeing!”.

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