Мария Горбань поселилась в чудо-доме под открытым небом
Actress spends holiday on his beloved Bali.

Мария Горбань поселилась в чудо-доме под открытым небом

Maria Gorban

Photo: Instagram.com

While on holiday in Bali Maria Gorban decided to experiment: they slept in the Villa, which is a transparent inflatable ball with air conditioning inside. “Toilet and shower in fenced area, no Internet, a complete delight! — says the actress. — My husband and daughter were completely alone, on a desert island. Night through the transparent ceiling looking at the stars… as a child I was on such a hike even could not dream. How cool that now you can bring any desire into reality!”

Photo: Instagram.com

holiday in Bali Gorban pleases not only
themselves but also their fans. The day before she shared with them the holiday photo
where she’s posing without clothes. Her nakedness in the photo covers only
little guitar ukulele and clothes there is only a hat and a massive

mom!” the so — called “hot” the Maria on Instagram.

amazing that the photo was a success in the Network. Picture took almost 40 thousand
views and over 200 comments, which essentially boiled down to one thing: Maria
just a goddess.