Maria Golubkina told how her new fiance took my daughter

Мария Голубкина рассказала, как к ее новому жениху отнеслась дочка
The actress spoke about the changes in their lives.

Мария Голубкина рассказала, как к ее новому жениху отнеслась дочка

Maria Golubkina son Ivan and daughter Anastasia

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Maria Golubkina, who is preparing for her wedding with the son of legendary actor Vasily Livanov, admitted that, going to meet Boris and his daughter, Anastasia, was terribly worried about how the girl will perceive her sweetheart. Fortunately, the excitement was in vain, Nastya quickly found a common language with your future family member.

“Nastya said, “Mom, only Bob is not hurt”. Then I thought
and very seriously added, “Although, on the other hand, he was sitting… So get over it.”
And my mother, Larissa, there. Tells me “Well, you see, sting-
its Boreas careful.” If I were going to sting. Nastya with mom
Borini side. And his mother is happy for our Union, said that, finally,
it was justice, says Golubkina. — Bob led me to his parents on the third day of our communication. I laughed: is that a bride? And when we have
went out, Eva, borina 15-year-old daughter, out of the corner and hugged me. It
something absolutely incredible! That time our Boreas meeting occurred
before, I was not ready.”

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