Maria Golubkina scared of Boris Livanov’s birthday

Мария Голубкина напугала Бориса Ливанова в день рождения The actress made a surprise second half. Maria Golubkina, which on Friday celebrates the holiday, went along with the choice in Saint Petersburg. Lovers spend wonderful time together.
Мария Голубкина напугала Бориса Ливанова в день рождения

September 22, actress Maria Golubkina, celebrates his birthday. The actress turned 44 years old. As it turned out, the woman decided to celebrate an important date in the company of the elect Boris Livanov. The lovers are now in St. Petersburg.

In recognition of the men, Maria was scared by his sudden act. Livanov was going to the cultural capital at work. Mironov decided to go for it. Unsuspecting Boris was amazed at the sudden appearance of the second half for St. Petersburg station.

“He’s not on me, but I had already managed to congratulate with his birthday. Met him at the train station! He arrived this morning at work and I came in front of him on the train that arrived earlier, when he met him at the car – and lo! Surprise! Even bought him a cheeseburger, because in the morning he loves to eat them, and train them was not filed”, – said Maria, laughing.

In turn, the successor of the famous actor admitted that he is surprised by the arrival of Golubkina in Saint Petersburg. At first, he decided that he returned to Moscow and even suspected they had a problem with the psyche. But Maria has managed to dispel doubts of the beloved, although it still remains a small residue.

“I’m in complete shock. I got off the train and decided that it didn’t go anywhere, because Mary is there, standing before me. Thought with horror that I’m still on the Leningrad station of the capital. Then he was afraid that the train made a circle and brought me back to Moscow and that I will not fall for the shooting, and Maria waiting for me, insane in the capital to put back into the car and sent to St. Petersburg”,- says the man.

As noted Golubkina during the conversation with journalists, Lebanon has not yet had time to give her a gift. However, Mary was not offended. The actress is looking forward to a weekend in the cultural capital. However, women don’t get to spend much time with the chosen one, because he’s busy filming. While Boris Livanov will work, his significant other plans to walk around the city, writes Woman’s Day.

Earlier, Maria Golubkina told “StarHit” that delayed the wedding ceremony with the choice indefinitely. According to the actress, she was overwhelmed with a large amount of unfinished business. In addition, the woman admitted that at the moment they have with Boris insufficient funds in the organization of the celebration. “That’s when everyone will be paying the bills, you can start with a clean slate,” added Golubkina. Maria Golubkina is suffering in the absence of Boris Livanov