Maria Golubkina is thinking about another child

Мария Голубкина думает еще об одном ребенке
A few weeks ago, Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov announced the happy news: they plan to get married.

Мария Голубкина думает еще об одном ребенке

This information sparked heated debate on the Network. A couple of months ago, the lovers began to live together, and now 43-year-old Golubkina admits that wants to give birth to the chosen one.

“I have and the child may be ready to start. Although recently the idea of having, caused me horror. Nastya said, “You’re getting too old for this”. And I said, “Why am I old? My great-grandmother gave birth to my grandfather in 48 years,” said the woman.

Livanov recently admitted that he wants to marry Mary, for it is important.

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