Maria Golubkina is suffering from unrequited love for a married man

Мария Голубкина страдает от несчастной любви к женатым мужчинам The artist lifted the veil of secrecy over his personal life. In recognition Golubkina, she often has romantic feelings for the opposite sex. However, they are often family men.

      Мария Голубкина страдает от несчастной любви к женатым мужчинам

      43-year-old Maria Golubkina – a busy actress and mother of two children. Since then, as the celebrity parted ways with Nikolai Fomenko, was about eight years old. The artist reluctantly talks about his personal life. When asked her about men, Golubkina prefers to laugh it off and says that feels good, being a single woman.

      Recently the star was the guest of the programme TVC “My hero.” The actress told about what gives her inspiration. Maria admitted that she often feels romantic feelings for the opposite sex. And added that they are mostly proprietary.

      “I often fall in love. A year a couple of times. And it’s not necessarily the implementation, i.e. not necessarily after that kiss… Although it happens sometimes. But the fact is that upon closer examination of the object of passion when you realize that the person Mr.***, I think: “Well, good-bye.” But this does not prevent to fall in love with the other. Only they’re all dogs, is married somehow… just Kidding. But if you do happen to meet some unmarried fool, I immediately start to think: “why is he not married? Suspiciously like…” – said the artist.
      Мария Голубкина страдает от несчастной любви к женатым мужчинам

      Maria admitted that she is inspired by two things – the feeling of love, and playing in theatre and cinema. “What else do you want?” summed up Golubkina.

      In addition, the actress told a leading Tatiana Ustinova about that a little disappointed in men. According to Golubkina, her increasingly have to deal with weak representatives of the stronger sex.

      “Like, of course, the guy who repaired the fence. But where are kinseki fences, I don’t know… the lazy Russian Man very much. And as a man, some became weak. Forgive me, Russian man…” – said Maria.

      However, loneliness is not that much oppressing star. She admitted that even got used to it. Celebrity has been successfully implemented as artist and mother. Maria hopes that in the future her children will rise to their feet and start to earn a living. And when that happens, the actress will give yourself more time. Fortunately, the star has a great example to the eyes of her mother Larisa continues to work, despite his age, and pamper yourself with shopping.