Maria Golubkina is selling the property

Мария Голубкина распродает недвижимость
The actress is looking for buyers of their suburban home.

Maria Golubkina with my daughter Anastasia

Photo: Philip Potters. Mary dress MaxMara, Anastasia dress-Gaudi Jeans

Maria Golubkina has posted in
The Internet ad in which he said: “Sell the house in Khimki. Looking for
the buyer”. Popular actress attached to the recording image, which is visible
a small part of the interior. On the floor scattered pictures, magazines and cardboard

Golubkina aroused great interest among her fans. They become interested in
details, and some of them artist. “Photos of the house?” —
“Be still,” “Mary, where are you going to move…” — “has moved”.

By the way, years ago
Maria had already put his suburban home up for sale, but the buyer somehow
not found so far. Interestingly, at that time, the actress was going to come out
married to Boris, the son of the famous actor Vasily Livanov: they planned to live
together in another place. Four months later the couple broke up, the type is not met

Being married to Nikolai Fomenko, Mary bought
the two houses next door in the Khimki district of Moscow region, just 10 km from Moscow.
After divorce one of the houses got Golubkina.

Three-storey house is located on a plot of land with an area of 26
acres, there is also another small house for staff, as well as bath. In one
of programs the actress has compared the cost of his house “with a modest kopeck piece on
Patriarch’s ponds in Central Moscow”.

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