Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov was taken aback by the news about the breakup

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов огорошили новостью о расставании
This summer, Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina was vigorously debated in the Network after the appearance of news about the forthcoming wedding.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов огорошили новостью о расставании

A few weeks ago lovers have admitted that they have already submitted an application to the Registrar and look forward to the wedding. And now all were amazed by the information about the breakup of the stars and cancel the engagement.

“Love actually, to be honest. It is one thing to fall in love, as happens only in adolescence. And another thing – to live with a family. We have been with Northwind for four months, and we had enough. All thanks, all are free. One thing – the romance, another thing – live in the same household. Everyday life is so ordinary, so simple as a light bulb to screw in, make a loan, or vacuum the apartment. And then the questions begin,” replied Golubkina.

To be honest, few believed that the couple will have something serious, the Internet has proved to be a lot of skeptics who did not believe in the news about the wedding.

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