Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov finally ended the relationship

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов окончательно разорвали отношения Both actors consider themselves a free people. Previously in the social network Facebook Golubkina and Lebanon are actively told friends about his personal life, and in the column “marital status” was written, that they were engaged. Now all the information is removed.
Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов окончательно разорвали отношения

In June it became known that Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina going to get married. The pair announced their intentions to transfer “the Secret to a million.” Lovers claimed that they are ready to get married in a Church. Friends and acquaintances were happy for the actors, as they could finally be happy. Maria even came to live with Boris.

However, after a time, began to circulate rumors about the separation pair. They were provoked post Livanov, in which he wrote: “farewell, sweet Mary”. She Golubkina told reporters that they quarreled, but did not leave. According to the woman, sometimes they had little fights, like all couples.

However, Maria and Boris changed the information in the column “marital status” in social networks. Earlier each of them had written that he was engaged, but now Livanov chose to specify “single” and Golubkina and removed all data. However, celebrity has not yet removed each other from the list of “friends”.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов окончательно разорвали отношения

Apparently, the wedding of actors are not destined to take place. Maria claimed that the triumph was postponed only because of the fact that they needed to think again before you marry. Earlier Golubkina already burned: a woman divorced with Nikolay Fomenko after 13 years of marriage. She began to treat all men with mistrust and was in no hurry to get married.

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Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов окончательно разорвали отношения

We will remind, Maria and Boris were familiar from his student days, odnako many years did not communicate. After his release from prison Livanov they began to actively communicate in social networks, and then realized that can’t live without each other.

“Love? Wants something from me? I cared for him? On the neck I want to sit down?” that’s what I thought – shared Golubkina details of relationships with men. – And then evaluated – he’s a smart, beautiful, talented, parents abruptly my will. He can finger click, and there will be girls and he chose me. And then I decided that this is my last time”.

Many netizens originally referred to the relationship between Mary and Boris a PR romance. People believed that the actress attracts attention to her person, as she has a new project – Golubkina plays in the play “the Crystal Palace”.