Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов разорвали помолвку The heirs of famous names once again became the focus of public attention. This time Boris Livanov refuted information about the planned marriage ceremony. The man has made it clear it has no plans to marry Maria Golubkina.
Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов разорвали помолвку

In June, Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina impressed the audience with a sensational statement. The heirs of famous names said they plan to legalize their relationship this summer. In early July, TV presenter and writer revealed that he and actress filed an application to the Registrar. The lovers claimed to have introduced each other to their relatives, who welcomed their choice.

However, the man surprised the subscribers on your page in the “Facebook” unexpected post. Boris told the publication, which said goodbye to the beloved, quoting “Harry Potter”.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов разорвали помолвку

Puzzled followers Livanov immediately began to discuss his treatment by the well-known actress. “The wedding is off?”, “Well…”, “Guys why this prank?”, “Sir, not it is time for you to grow up” – commented the users of social networks.

Journalists contacted Maria Golubkina to comment on the situation. At first, the actress refused to comment on the publication of PAL. However, after some time, the star was told that I broke up with Boris a few days ago. According to the actress, they are really filed in the registry office and planned to get married, but as far as it went. “Bob was only enough to make the offer,” says Maria.

Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina has applied to the Registrar

During the conversation with reporters, the actress has shed light on the reasons why they Livanov dispersed. In recognition Golubkina, all nacionalno well and they decided to move in together, but after some time came to the conclusion that it is better to leave. Maria said that it happened without quarrels and scandals.

“Love actually, to be honest. It is one thing to fall in love, as happens only in adolescence. And another thing – to live with a family. We have been with Northwind for four months, and we had enough. All thanks, all are free. One thing – the romance, another thing – live in the same household. Everyday life is so ordinary, so simple as a light bulb to screw in, make a loan, or vacuum the apartment. And then the questions begin,” said the celebrity.
Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов разорвали помолвку

Golubkina noted that her “unfeminine” nature, which to be around her “quite hard”. On this soil between atrial and her lover were occasional misunderstandings.

Мария Голубкина и Борис Ливанов разорвали помолвку“Boris, we have not figured out who will be the commander in the house. In one detachment of two officers can not be. I’m by nature a commander, and their positions do not pass. (…) And Boris is a man and some things he is insanely hard to tolerate,” explained the celebrity.

Recall that for the first time about his engagement to Maria Golubkina and Boris Livanov became known in the program of NTV “the Secret to a million.” Presenter and writer became one of the program. Then Livanov said that for a long time experiencing feelings for the actress.

“Mary was charming and unattainable, because she had friends older and smarter than us. I always really liked. And with that pure, clean feeling, I came to visit her, to articulate the idea of a single project. But within fifteen minutes I forgot about the purpose of the visit. I understand why twenty-five years Mary did not go from my mind. Turns out I was in love with,” claimed the man.

With regard to joint future of Boris Livanov and Maria Golubkina, in a recent interview the actress did not make any predictions. The actress said that the grateful man for that period of time that they spent together. “It is a great joy to fall in love… will Continue to live under the circumstances. Maybe we will end up fighting, then make peace,” said the woman, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.