Maria Golubkina: a failed marriage, years of loneliness and upcoming wedding

Мария Голубкина: неудачный брак, годы одиночества и предстоящая свадьба “StarHit” remembered the actress went to a woman’s happiness. Maria Golubkina nine years ago broke up with the father of her children, Nikolai Fomenko. Only years later, 43-year-old actress found love.

Nine years ago Maria Golubkina divorced with Nikolai Fomenko and since then prefer the courtship of the proud loneliness. But as it became known recently, the 43-year-old Golubkina newly in love, and claims that this time forever. The actress has already moved to live with his elect in his Moscow apartment, without regret, leaving your house in the Khimki area of four hundred square meters.

Media reported that this fall Maria Golubkina will marry with his choice. Son of Vasily Livanov found a new love

“StarHit” decided to remember how to be the way of the actress to a woman’s happiness.

Maria Golubkina thirteen years he lived with the showman Nikolay Fomenko. However, she believes that her marriage with Fomenko year is three. They first met when Mary was 17, and Nicholas 28. She is a young, single girl, he is young, but already a married man. The spark between them flashed already. “Nick remember what color I wore a coat. That says a lot,” says Maria Golubkina. Their second meeting happened a few years later on one of the student hangouts. She is a student, but who performed his first starring role in the movie “Adam’s Rib”, he is a musician known all over the country of bit-Quartet “the Secret”, to those already married for the second time.

“I never liked boys, I liked older men with them calmly – explains his attraction to Fomenko, who at the time was already over thirty, Golubkina. – He lived in Moscow, his wife, in St. Petersburg. No children. Is this a home?”

Nicholas took Mary from the party and drove to his home. From that moment on they never parted. This star couple all considered exemplary for thirteen years. The house – a full bowl, two children – a son and a daughter, the wife is riding husband passionate about racing.

That idyll has long been destroyed, fans of Mary and Nicholas had learned from the radio. The couple, during the interview all the time podrachivala each other, suddenly decided to tell everyone the bitter truth: they have several months not husband and wife. Today, Maria admits that she destroyed the marriage.

“I was mereruka, this witch. I thought I was good, and it’s bad. I threw away the engagement ring, got on a plane and flew to the Crimea”, – recalls discord with her husband Golubkina.

Yes, she acknowledged that her husband was cheating on her, but does not consider that this fact can cause divorce. “Sexual mistakes can destruction of marriage – said Maria Golubkina. – Jealousy I had, was envy. You sit at home, wash diapers and cook the soup, and someone at this time, drinking champagne on the beach. And I? What about me? And here comes the idea that we should divorce, then you’d have all this.”

Parted Golubkina and Fomenko with dignity, without sharing property and children. Daughter Anastasia and son Ivan Nicholas was sent to study in one of the elite private schools in London. Nastya, which this year will be 20 years old, have completed training and entered the University, 15-year-old Vanya was still a schoolboy. After the departure of the children of Maria Golubkina was left all alone at his mansion in Khimki.

From time to time, wanting to have fun, the actress provoked public rumors about the upcoming marriage. In 2013, she appeared on the red carpet of the MIFF in a wedding dress and said that married to a kind of test pilot. It later turned out that it was just a prank. But first, the actress believed that her “wedding” was actively discussed in the media.

“Look, something wrong, in the movie, don’t invite me… — later told Maria. — Think we need to do something! And I realized that if once a year so “get married”, it is possible to earn not bad!”.

However, her recent statement about the upcoming marriage, it’s not. A Shine in the eyes of even the actress Maria Golubkina level of play is almost impossible. The actress admits that she is unbelievable happy with her new lover, who is known almost since childhood. Maria Golubkina is preparing to introduce the groom

Star is confident that the mistakes that she made in her marriage with Nikolay Fomenko, she won’t repeat. “I have for these ten years, much thought, so all will be well,” – said Maria Golubkina.