Maria Eraan: “Basta always protected me!”

Мария Ероян: «Баста всегда меня защищал!» Ward singer spoke about how he still helps her in life and in work. According to the girl, just ask the musician for a favor and he will arrange everything at its best. Maria Eraan remembered as participation in the “Voice” changed her life.

      Мария Ероян: «Баста всегда меня защищал!»

      A year ago, the Muscovite Maria Aroyan became a member of the show “the Voice.” In the first seconds of the speech, she impressed with her powerful vocals of rapper Basta – he instantly turned to the performer. “It’s got inner strength, fire, passion, confessed later, the singer. And it’s great that she wants to try something new and different, willing to experiment”.

      The mentor and mentee maintain relationships, albeit mostly remotely. “For one of the performances I had to do two covers on famous songs – says “StarHit” Mary. – For this you need to “clear rights”, that is, to obtain the consent of their authors. The first song I chose from the repertoire of Vladimir Vysotsky, his son Nikita Vladimirovich gave the nod. And the second asked Basil song “Autumn” from the album of 2008. He too easily allowed.”

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      After “the Voice” ended, Basta assured Eroyan that she can always count on his support, they say, need to record a track or help with the arrangement – ask.

      Мария Ероян: «Баста всегда меня защищал!»“I remember another project Basil for me, stood up, defended, – continues the singer. Sometimes he complained about me for being late, and he said: “I’m on the court, Masha, too, we are fine, do not bother to rehearse.” But privately he could chew me out – criticize, for being late to reprimand. I always listened to his words, to me everyone was very important. Can’t say that we are for working in the “Voice” became close friends, but I always felt like Basta, though somewhat private person, yet so incredibly nice, attentive to each of his players: need a Studio until two in the morning, musicians or backing singers – just ask, all will be”.

      Somehow Aroyan visited and the speech of the teacher in situated near Moscow “Barvikha Luxury Village”. “Basta a few days before the concert, invited me and other girls, of course we came, – says Masha. Or here for the premiere of the film “Sneakers” helped with the tickets. I learned a lot from Basil both in creative and in human terms. Began to listen more attentively to others. Glad that this period of close contact with him was in my life.”