Maria Carey was late to the ceremony GLAAD Awards

Мерайя Кери опоздала на церемонию GLAAD Awards

Last night Maria Carey attended the ceremony GLAAD Awards, held in new York. Unlike the rest of the guest list included Jennifer Lawrence. Laverne Cox and other celebrities, Carey was late to the event almost an hour.

Мерайя Кери опоздала на церемонию GLAAD Awards
How did you learn to journalists, and this time the bride is Australian billionaire has behaved like a diva – she just wanted to be on the red carpet besides her was empty, and all attention was focused only to her and her fiancé James Packer. But Keri was not enough.

“Maria started yelling at photographers to shoot her only from one side, which she thinks looks better” — said an eyewitness. But during the awards ceremony, Carey was the picture of innocence and sweetness.
“Thank you for your unconditional love” — he purred into the microphone Maria, receiving the award.
Recall that the wedding ceremony and Keri packer claims the event of the year. Despite the small number of guests, the singer wishes it to be luxurious – and a big snow-white yacht, and a million white roses, elegant and expensive dress..
However, it raises the question of the official status of Merii and James, because information on the dissolution of their previous marriages in the media and was not.

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