Maria, Carey shocked the candid outfit in Mexico

Мерайя Кери шокировала откровенным нарядом в Мексике

Postroynevshaya during relationship with former fiancé Australian billionaire James Packer is an American singer , Maria Carey continues to brag about a fit body. A lover to be naked once again has pleasantly shocked his fans with a concert costume.

Мерайя Кери шокировала откровенным нарядом в Мексике
Yesterday, Maria gave a concert in Mexico in the framework of his tour Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, choosing to speak very short red dress with a very high neckline and very long cut, reaching the singer from the waist up and hinting at the lack of underwear.
The outfit was completely covered with Swarovski crystals (where the same without them, Maria) and in the spotlight he mysteriously shimmered, and at the end of the show and is transformed into body.

On the fourth finger Keri organically to the crystals glinting wedding ring, which even after breaking up with fiance, Maria not going to leave.