Maria, Carey posted a photo with Brian Tanaka, a month after the breakup

Мерайя Кери опубликовала фото с Брайаном Танакой через месяц после расставания

A month later after the breakup of the American singer Merii Carey and Brian Tanaka, the actress is still suffering, and the proof of this is sharing photos of former lovers on her page in the social network, which she signed with the hashtag #fbf.

In the picture, Maria and her favorite “boy-toy”, how the eye called the young choreographer’s surrounded by artist, eating one ice cream. We will remind that the initiator of the break with 33-year-old dancer was the 47-year-old singer. She was tired of his jealousy, especially when it came to her children Maracana and Monroe and their father nick cannon, with whom they remain very close. One day Keri went with the ex-spouse and children at a social event, and Brian called her and threatened to leave if she did not leave the children and not coming to him. Maria figured that the two children she already has and that third her nothing, and gave over two hours to pack their things. The couple broke up.

Brian was sure that she will call him back, but Maria did not do this, although it should be noted that the parties, having touched with alcohol, the singer tried to call him. But savvy assistants took her phone and never gave, so she does something stupid. In addition, the protection of Maraji this order not to let Brian even in the field of view of the singer. Surrounded by kheri’m afraid that once again during amorous stories will forget about work and music.
“All hope that, Maria left this relationship in the past, and so she had than concerned now. She is happy and free. now she had time to get themselves and their music” — told insider a few days before Carey published a picture with Tanaka.
Does this mean that she is ready to return to the young lover and to forget old grudges? Meanwhile, fans hope that if Marii and resume the relationship, then that man will be Nick cannon.
“Merii and nick a good relationship. he is always with her and the kids, and she likes that. Many of us hope they will be together again,”says the insider. But Maria not yet have such far-reaching plans and in an interview with Entertainment Tonight said that he and Nick are together only for the kids.
“We are together, because togas require our children. I think they are the most important in our lives. Honestly, I still like it now. I try to be the best version of yourself” — said Maria. Nick also fell in love with his ex-wife.
“I love her, I love her, she’ll always be the girl of my dreams, but now we have to think like adults, and at the moment all of us satisfied with the relationship,” said Nick.