Maria Carey – Italian neighbor George Clooney

Мерайя Кери – итальянская соседка Джорджа Клуни

American singer , Keri Maria and Hollywood actor George Clooney – the neighbors in the cottage. The truth very beautiful “suburban area” – in Italy on lake Como, so she literally can pigretti on the boat and ask for flour. If it bakes. Or rowing.

Мерайя Кери – итальянская соседка Джорджа Клуни
The house, however, does not belong to the singer, she just rents this little corner of Paradise for 12 thousand dollars a day. Sources claim that Maria in awe of the mansion with 8 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms and she especially relished the beautiful view of the lake and mountains. The building was built in the 18th century and was called “Villa of Napoleon”. On the territory there are fountains, private pier, Playground, greenhouse, garden, home cinema and even its own bell tower of the 12th century.

The paparazzi are already waiting when a celebrity shows up here during his Italian concert during the tour “Sweet Sweet Fantasy”.

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